Transparent Pricing

We believe in transparent pricing. Directly from the start. So you know what you can expect. And yes, so you can see for yourself that sustainable production doesn’t need to be expensive.


Our build-up is quite simple. We charge a base-price, that you would need to pay however you produce.

On top of that comes our commission of 20%.

And in case you need extra help: no problem, we can organize it.


The base-price is the landed price you would pay if you went directly to a factory yourself. It includes sampling costs, logistics and import / export duties.

Our commission

We charge a flat 20% commission on the base-price for our services.

What do you get for this? 100% sustainability and 0% stress.


Do you want special details on your product? Or do you need help with graphic design or pattern making?

We can provide everything. And we'll agree on transparent prices with you, before we get started.

Why are we cheaper than others?

The easy explanation: we’re not just producing for you, but for several clients. So we can get better prices than if you would go alone to a factory.