Sustainable production is what we do. We can guide you through the jungle of certifications, to find the perfect match for your needs. We make sure that the factories are in order. And we produce and deliver everything to your doorstep.

By sharing our supply chain, we can get better prices for everyone!

What means Sustainability in Fashion?

When producing fashion in a sustainable way, we need to keep two main areas in mind: first we’re trying to reduce the ecological impact of production. Secondly we want to make sure that there are safe & good working conditions for everyone in the supply chain. Modern consumers will ask you critical questions, so our approach covers both areas at once.

What does it mean to reduce the ecological impact of production? The main topics we see tackled most often are switching to more sustainable materials. For example using organic cotton instead of ‘normal’ cotton. 

Secondly a sharp focus is needed on the reduction of chemicals that are being used in the supply chain, for example during the dyeing process. Many of these chemicals are very harmful for our planet and the people working with them. So we try to reduce the amount of chemicals used and keep a sharp focus on how the chemicals are being discarded after production.

And finally we need to ensure that the workers in the entire supply chain can work under decent and safe conditions. We follow the guidelines from the International Labour Organisation for all our factories. We make sure the certifications are in order. And we visit the factories regularly ourselves. Especially for smaller companies it can be very hard and expensive to do all the checking by yourself. No worries, we do it for you!


Our Process

  1. Discuss: we’ll look at the current status of sustainability in your company. Where are you now? And where would you like to go?
  2. Advise: certifications are a bit of a jungle. No worries, we’ll advise the best certification for you. We’ll explain the pros and cons.
  3. Analyze: we’ll look at your products together. Can we make them more sustainable? Can we make improvements on the packaging, labelling or trims?
  4. Develop: we’ll work on your samples until you’re satisfied.
  5. Produce: produced and delivered to your doorstep. Zero stress on your side.

Does this sound complicated? Not really! We’ll guide you through each step. And we’re ready with our experience in fashion production to make it all go as smooth as possible. We do it for you and our other clients on a daily basis.

Our Mission

There is a stigma on sustainability in fashion: fashion professionals often believe that sustainable production is overly complicated. And they believe that it is going to cost them a lot more, putting even more pressure on their intake margins.

We here to proof them wrong. We share our knowledge and find the perfect sustainable solution for you. And by sharing our supply chain we can get better prices than each of us individually.

Together our positive impact on our planet and the people working in our supply chains will be much bigger, than if we’d go it alone!